Digital Strategy and Customer Journey

Thinking through the ideal customer journey for a complex B2B company
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During my internship at Rightpoint, I helped create a new digital strategy for a B2B company. When I joined, the  project was in the discovery phase and the team was working very fast towards a client presentation covering the strategy for the project. With a team of two other designers and a UX lead, we had a couple of days to create a “vision” and a “customer journey”, a path of ideal future interactions between the customer and the company. I was responsible for executing the latter.

“I was impressed with Eva’s ability to take many, many, many data points and use them to create a document that illustrated multiple layers of data in a consumable manner. I loved how she approached the project with excitement when some would have come at it with trepidation. She took initiative and owned the effort so much that it felt natural to leave her with it and expect it to be done well. ” – UX lead

Note: to protect the client any company names have been removed.

Touchpoint mapping

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