Creative Citizenship Workshops in Japan

What if high school students could engage with global issues in creative ways?

During my exchange semester at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, I created a series of workshops for 100 high school students. The workshops were part of an existing program “Global Workshop” which engages students with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The aim of the workshops was to not only introduce the students to the subject, but to encourage them to look at it in a creative way. 

Through the workshops, students learnt the value of their own ideas and the power of their own actions, perhaps for the first time. The workshops helped connect the Global Goals to their own lives. The workshops also showed teachers the importance of learning approaches that actively involve students. After the workshop, I summarized the learning approaches used, for the future use of teachers. You can download the PDF below:

“Many students were inspired by the concept of designing the future by themselves”

-Sensei, Fujimigaoka High School

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