What is Change Enablement? an infographic

Helping an organization and its clients understand the value of change enablement

The Change Enablement team, whose purpose is often misunderstood both by clients and within Rightpoint Consulting, consulted me about an Infographic used to explain the Change Enablement process and why it is important. From the start I was super excited to design this infographic. They had originally consulted a third party vendor, but were dissatisfied. After selling them on my idea, I went on to illustrate the process using a metaphor that everyone could relate to: ice cream.

At a company event, I got to present the process to a large group of colleagues during lunchbreak. I loved this project because it gave me better insight into how innovation actually works.

“Eva was able to take our very high level overview of what we were looking for and turn it into something amazing” – The Change Enablement Team


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